About Jayne

From her phenomenal networking skills and eye for detail, to her down-to-earth nature and passion for good business, Jayne pours her energy and positivity to excelling in life, learning and motivating others.

Jayne has graced the stage professionally for over 25 years as a vocalist, business leader, speaker, and motivator.

A successful business owner in her own right, she has successfully managed and collaborated on some of Australia’s largest festivals and events.  A bushy and a battler, she has developed a series of unique business models, excelled through the hardships of small business, battled and beaten cancer, and focuses on living a sensational life through work, wisdom and wellness.

Feel your way to brilliance.
Be a sensation!

“There is always a point in your life which requires you to make a choice.  These moments require clarity of purpose, vulnerability and self-trust.”

Jayne is honest, forthcoming and passionate about life and about good business.

Are you that person in the room that everyone would like to meet, wants to work with and aspires to be?

Work.  Wisdom.  Wellness.

They say that work is a necessary evil.

For me, I love work and being able to do what I love and love what I do is just a bonus.

I’ve always been one of those people that are naturally gifted in a range of things.  I was good at study and excelled at school.  I was good at sport and able to partake in most sports and activities – hell I’ll give anything a go!  And I feel very blessed that I am musical in voice as well as gifted in playing musical instruments.

I credit some of this to my parents. 

They were always supportive when it came to giving things a go.  In fact, the family catch cry was, “No such thing as can’t”. 

So, I guess that is partly where I attained the drive to DO.

I broke and trained horses professionally from a very young age and was always extremely confident to get on with the job at hand.

I have achieved great accomplishments and awards in sport, studies and singing.

I have achieved great milestones in my work and associated organisations.

Receiving a Paul Harris Fellow was one of the most beautiful moments in my life and I am so grateful for the recognition.

Jayne riding her horse Duke

I am thankful to have spent a lot of my life growing up in the country.

That is where I learnt to deal with life and a unique range of daily struggles that were thrown at us.  Dealing with drought.  Trying to make a living.  Getting on with it. Having a go.  Learning to laugh when it all went to shit. 

Even though I’ve had to deal with some rough times and have found myself in some low moments, my mindset has always remained positive.

I don’t focus on the limitless possibility of failures or problems; I tend to work towards the finishing line.  I believe I can achieve great things and continue to do so.

The most recent chapter in my life was battling cancer.  My life has altered, and I have opened myself to more change and acceptance.

I am well and despite the new challenges that I face post-cancer, I am refocused to succeed.

I am getting on with it.

I am having a go.

I am living my sensational life.

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