I’m always blown away by the interest and questions I receive online.

?The common question I’m asked about wellness: How do I start on a Keto diet?

First of all, it’s really important to remember that I am not a dietician and I don’t go to one. I read a lot, experiment a lot and use carb/fat/protein calculators that are online and free apps. I can’t and won’t advise people on what and when to eat.  What I can say is, you really are what you eat, and a bit of logic does go a long way.

I personally turned to a ketogenic diet after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. It was part of an entire lifestyle change that I made for myself.  The result was a loss of 15 kilos, an improvement of my skin and allergies, and involved a total restructure of my personal and work life.

???If you want to do a KETO diet just to lose weight… STOP! ?

Diet is about overall health and wellness. What suits one may not suit all. The other important thing I believe is, if you are looking for short term goals you will inevitably fail!  You must set your mind towards permanent change and a holistic life plan to achieve long-term ongoing success. This is relevant from both a personal and a work perspective.

One thing I get told virtually every time I step out is, “Wow!  You look amazing!”

Feeling my way to brilliance required a lot of change, and the result has been the sensational person I am today.  And even though some days are “SHITE”, overall, life is truly sensational.

If you do want to know more, I invite you to contact me. Jx