I love to travel.  I love seeing the things that I have grown up learning about and from images in books and documentaries.  Visiting far away lands and meeting people of different cultures and language makes me feel free and open.

I recently visited Nepal and was lucky enough to do so with friends who were native to the land.  A truly unique experience and an opportunity to tick off a couple of my bucket list items.

  1. To explore Kathmandu Nepal
  2. See the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas
  3. A helicopter ride to base camp Mt Everest

Tick, tick, tick.

What an amazing 9 days.  I think that the people of Nepal really made the trip worthwhile.  Kind and gentle people and it was overall such a good vibe and energy.

Mt Everest was one of those geographical features we all know of, but never really get to see other than in magazines or television. The term, ‘Climbing Mt Everest’, has been used to describe everything from personal struggle and triumph, to seemingly impossible situations and goals for centuries.

To actually go there and stand 5 and half kilometres above sea level experiencing shortness of breath and the heaviness of the altitude, just to see a really big mountain might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, it was the realisation that I was still in the game and my life was full of opportunity and wonder.

The coronavirus was hitting the world as I flew home to Australia and only a few weeks later, we were shut off from world travel and even from our own state borders. I’m still trying to process it all. But in this strange time that we are all experiencing, I am truly finding the peace of my own personal self and enjoying the time I am now spending with my family. The feeling of calm and the freedom from the pressures of expectation.

We will more than likely never experience this again.

Embrace it. The world is spinning as it should, and we have time to be quiet and accepting. Nature is doing her thing.